Tuesday, 14 August 2018


The pose (and poise) of that superbly muscled bidy suggest an ice skater, certainly. Very graceful!!!
How very true, Melinda. Girls with a bohemian vibe are as much a part of the site as any of the other models and Marleen is a very lovely girl with, to my eyes, exactly that alternative look.
Awesome hair (just love that thick dark tousled mane), toned, lively, athletic, sexy body, delicious self-confidence that jumps out of the photos at you.


Monday, 13 August 2018


Bronte is beautiful. Just looking at her face gets me excited beyond the ability to control myself. I did take a peek or two at her body, which is also magnificent


Sunday, 12 August 2018

Tiger print

I'm sure that everyone thinks the word "incredible" has been overworked, but I believe it applies here. THIS is the kind of girl I joined to see! An absolutely killer body, a pretty smile, at ease with her body, willing to share a little intimacy - it IS intimate if you allow other people in your bedroom while you jill off - the set is as perfect as she is! My thanks to the photographer and Cassy for making this happen.
I have one question for Cassy, if she chooses to answer - I noticed the toe ring , (very nice, dresses up your pretty toes just right) and have to ask if there is any significance in the choice of toe where the ring is worn? I've also noticed others, both on and off the site, and most wear a ring on the second toe of a foot. And is the choice of foot have anything to do with some subliminal message you're trying to send? I've heard rumors, you understand, about a certain toe or foot declaring a certain interest. I have a hunch that all the rumors are just that and no more, but I wanted to ask. If any of you other ladies with toe rings would like to comment, I'd appreciate hearing from you too
Thanks again for a beautiful set, and as soon as my heart meds kick in, I'll sit back and enjoy another perusal of same. I hope the videos are posted soon, too... Cassy, you're gorgeous!


Saturday, 11 August 2018

Friday, 10 August 2018

Tan lines

Laying on a blanket under the warm summer sun, Claudia begins to undress, pulling down her short dress down her legs. When completely naked, Claudia raises her leg up, and stretches leg and torso displaying her flexibility.
As she continues to move around the garden, showing her body and tan lines, Claudia grabs a hose and begins to shower, with the water running down her slender body. Claudia moves her hands towards her hairy vulva, playing with her labia, spreading it apart and opening her legs and bum cheeks as she smiles confidently.


Sunday, 29 July 2018


Sophie raises her knee as she lays back on the bed, her short skirt sliding up her thighs revealing her lace panties. Slowly pulling her top up, her round, big breasts press against the fabric as Sophie smiles at the camera.
Unclipping her bra, Sophie lays forwards letting her breasts hang before sliding her hand into her panties. Lying completely naked on bed, Sophie moves her petite body around, rubbing her hand against her shaved vulva as she inserts her fingers in and passionately masturbates in numerous positions until she reaches a powerful orgasm.


Saturday, 28 July 2018


Age: 19
Height: 163
City: Melbourne
 I could swear that Isabel looks very much like a girl in a DVD I have taken somewhere in Eastern Europe. In fact, in this DVD, she is leading a few other girls (naked, of course) in Salsa dancing, just like in the AW video. She has the same tall body and hairstyle and her face is almost identical, but there's no talking in the video. This girl could be her twin, unless Isobel has travelled to E. Europe and done a video there????? Hmm, I wonder if anyone knows?


Friday, 27 July 2018


Age: 19
Height: 160
City: Melbourne

Nice nips! And everything else is fine, too..


Thursday, 26 July 2018

Hairy Anus

Remie lifts up her ass high up in the air, revealing her underwear entwined with her hairy crotch. She playfully pulls the underwear till seam gets in between her warm, hairy labia.
Rolling on the bed, Remie slowly starts showing off more of her body. She slides her hands underneath her pink top and stretches it, emphasizing the curves of her breasts. She pulls off her top and displays her lace bra and the dark nipples underneath. Remie slides her hands into her bum and pulls her underwear off, liberating her hairy anus. Her fingers move toward her labia to show more of her intimate parts.


Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Sophie & Irina

Sophie unzips Irina's dress revealing her pale breasts and beautiful round bum. As Irina caresses Sophie's petite body she slides her hand down her panties and pulls them aside uncovering Sophie's shaved vulva and her meaty lips.
Passionately giving oral sex, Irina pleasures Sophie as she squirms in pleasure. As Irina moves towards the table, and places her head down, Sophie spreads her partner's bum cheeks, and tours her tongue around Irina's anus before engaging in intense tribbing.